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Latest release on 2018-04-14

Lovely Template Engine

Jtwig is a modern template engine for Java. The most configurable, extensible, easy and powerful one. Designed with love for web development.

Modular by Principle

Modularity is a key concept in Jtwig, it comes with four different constructs, they are include, extends, embed and macro.

Familiar Syntax

Jtwig is not a syntax revolution, it uses familiar language and it is based on code islands, making it easier to read when mixed with content.

Highly Configurable

Jtwig is configurable in it's entirety, change the syntax, plugin extensions, configure expression evaluation, add functions and more, much more.

Fully Tested

Developed with . This is code you can trust. With hundreds of functional tests leading to a code coverage of 99.53% (core module).

Take a Look

Jtwig syntax is simple, readable and sexy.

{% if (user.loggedIn%}
<div class="greeting">
    Hello <span class="usename">
{{ user.greetingName }}</span>!
{% else %}
<div class="login">
    Hello there! Try to <a href="/login">Login</a>
{% endif %}

Give it a try

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